Sunset on El Capitan

I’ve been a rock climber since age 16. The places climbing has taken me, and the challenges it set before me, have been some of the peak experiences of my life. Take, for example, when I was climbing the Nose route on the sheer 3,000 foot face of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley over three days […]

Mountain Bikes I’ve Known

It started, and might have ended, with a folding bike, which was intended to be my “last” bike. After all, I was headed out of my 40’s and shouldn’t be taking such juvenile pursuits seriously any more. It would live in the trunk of my car, available for a quick spin on level pavement when the opportunity […]

A Day at Vedauwoo

Certain places on earth are like turnstiles in our lives, personal vortexes we pass through on the way from one chapter to the next. Vedauwoo (pronounced “vee-da-voo”) is one such place for me. A magical collection of rocky outcrops, trees, and alpine meadows, Vedauwoo is situated just off Interstate 80 in the Medicine Bow National […]

Check out my newest project — Can I Retire Yet? — a website and blog focused on the personal finance needs of anyone who is thinking about retirement or early retirement. The initial audience is my own baby boom generation, but anyone who is interested in financial independence and financial freedom will find value there. […]

My Adventures Outdoors

Beginnings I’ve loved being outdoors from my earliest years. Some of my first memories are hiking the California Coast Range with my father. He also introduced me to Scouting, where my love of outdoor adventure grew. When I was 14, I travelled to Philmont Scout Ranch for two weeks of backpacking in the remote Sangre […]